API for CSharp .Net platform

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I have previously made custom apps on UWP based off your Starter template using the Metawear WinRT dll. But as I am still learning about Windows development, I had a question about using your API for .net apps.
I was reading into this post http://community.mbientlab.com/discussion/comment/2944/ about using the Metawear API for C# .Net platform, where you discuss how the Win32 dlls can be used for the purpose as the WinRT was purely for UWP platform. So I currently am following the same post for my purpose which is to build a C# .Net console app with future possibility to integrate with Unity. Then, I saw this API https://github.com/mbientlab/MetaWear-SDK-CSharp which calls itself CSharp API. Can this be of any help to my use case? Thanks in advance. 



  • Yes, just follow the instructions outlined in the README.
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