Timeout exception

I am havig problems with the MetaWear tutorial apps for Windows 10. When I try the free fall detector app, I get a TimeoutException from the data processor. Any advice on how to get this working would be much appriciated. The metawear sensor is detected and appears on the start screen. I select the sensor and the program navigates to DetectorSetup. But when the program tries to get accelerometer data it throws an exception.

It happens on a clean install of visual studio 2017 community edition. I tested on multiple computers.


  • Was the app working before?
  • No, I always got the exception. Row 45 in DetectorSetup.
  • How were you using the board prior to running the free fall app?  Have you tried resetting the board?
  • I am using it with Android, which works perfectly. But when I try it on Windows I get that exception.
    • What I mean what apps were you running on the board prior to trying the Windows app and how were you using those apps?
    • Can you at least stream accelerometer data from the board?
    • Have you tried resetting the board?
  • I have tried the freefall detector on Android, and also a custom app that streams quaternion data from the sensor. No problem there. I call the appropriate stop() functions in the end and I have no problem connecting, disconnecting or reconnecting the streams.

    I can stream accelerometer data from the board on Android, but not on Windows. It's almost like a firewall is blocking the connection, but as far as I know firewalls don't act on bluetooth.

    Yes I have tried resetting it multiple times, even the hard reset were it is in MetaBoot state for a while. I'm fairly certain that this is a problem with Windows, not the board.
  • Based on what you've said, it sounds like you can get passed the initialization stage but then nothing happens after that.  I guess you could try setting a handler to the OnUnexpectedDisconnect property to see if you are board is somehow losing connection after initialization.
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