Why nobody replies to emails send to hello@mbientlab.com?

I've send a few emails, and nobody responds. Is everything okay with You mailbox guys?


  • Hi arywista,

    I have been monitoring the hello@mbientlab.com email along with Laura. I'm not sure what you emailed us in regards to? Maybe we accidentally missed it or it got filtered into the spam box? We sometimes get flooded with emails in a day, so it is possible we could have legitimately missed it. Please let me know and I will check our email again to figure out what's going on.

  • Hello i just send test email from @unitedideas.pl domain. Do You received it?
  • No I have not received it.
  • I've tried to send my emails from @gmail.com addres. Did You received it?
  • Can You check my order status? (101636121)
  • Hi, we have received your order. We are currently processing it. However, we will probably not be able to ship it out until the beginning of next week due to the Thanksgiving holidays.

    Thanks for your patience!
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