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I have some Metawear RG that I use wit a monitoring app.
When we receive the board, they are in 'sleep' mode and we need to wake them up by pushing the button on the board and waiting a bit (as per your docs).

I was wondering if the board goes to sleep automatically after a period of inactivity (no BLE connection) ? My device will not permit access to the hardware button for it to wake up hence my concern.

I didn't find any API methods as well

Thanks for your feedback


  • No, the boards do not automatically go to sleep.
  • Perfect, thanks for your answer
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    Hi everyone, as of the 16th of October 2017, under the FAQ section, its stated that the metasensor DOES automatically go to sleep.

    As the website is now not working , which stopped me from getting a direct link. Google was able to save me.

    Eric back in Nov 2015 said "I don't have a hard timeline, I would say end of the month.  We are currently focused on firmware improvements at the moment." This was in a reply to .


    Do you have an estimation when those new features can be released on Android side?"

    Can you please add a function on your Apple IOS APP to put the units to Sleep?

  • The 'sleep' mode talked about in the OP is not the same as the 'sleep' state asked in the FAQ.  The boards do not automatically enter the 'sleep' mode that they are shipped in.

    I'm not sure what your quoted statements has to do with this thread.  Please link to the actual thread in question rather than cherry pick quotes.

    Sleep mode is implemented on the develop branch and should be in the next release.  If you need to use it right now, point CocoaPods to the iOS SDK's develop branch on GitHub.
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