Logging & Filtering

I am trying to maximize my on-board data storage by filtering the GPIO data.   I have tried to use both threshold and delta filters, but the device continues to log all data points, even when I set an impossible threshold value (nothing should pass through).   Any suggestions? 

iPhone 6s
microphone gpio  (gpio)   

(In DeviceConfiguration.swift) 
cryingEvent = device.gpio?.pins.first?.analogAbsolute?.periodicRead(withPeriod: 10) 

(In viewController.swift)
//configuration.cryingEvent.change(ofEventAcrossThreshold: 0.7, hysteresis: 0, output: .absolute)
configuration.cryingEvent.changeOfEvent(byDelta: 3.0, output: .absolute) 


  • Your code only logs output from cryingEvent, not the outputs of its filters.  Call startLoggingAsync on the returned MBLFilter pointers.
  • Okay that makes sense.  Now when I make the following assignment: 

    modifiedCryingEvent = configuration.cryingEvent.changeOfEvent(byDelta: -3.0, output: .absolute)


    I get the error: 

    "Cannot assign value of type 'MBLFilter<AnyObject>' to type 'MBLEvent<MBLNumericData>!' "

    But I am unable to cast a different data type. Any suggestions. 

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  • How did you define the modifiedCryingEvent variable?
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