Reaction times under Android


I'm developing an app for Android where the user holds the metawear
board on his/her head. The app must react very quickly when the user turn the head.

In order to measure the time elapsed from the head movement to
the app reaction, I programmed the led on the board to turn on
when angular speed exceeds a specific threshold, using the react component.

On the Android app a similar logic is programmed: it shows a
symbol when gyro data report a speed that exceeds the same
threshold set for the led onboard.

I measured the time difference of the led lighting and the symbol
appearing on screen using a 400fps camera. My requirement is to have this delay below 40ms.

On some devices (notably Samsung phones) I see delays not so far
from my requirement (i.e. 80ms), while on other devices I see
enormous delays (eg. on Huawei devices it goes up to 1000ms).

I tried setting Output Data Rate of the gyro to both 50Hz and
100Hz but I don't see any significant difference.

Do you have any suggestion on how I can meet my requirement?

Thanks in advance



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