Clearing log and multiple devices

I have several MetaMotionC devices and I'm using iOS.

For some of them I cannot download the data (I get an error message, an I've tried with an Android as well).  I can't clear the log either. How can I clear the log?

I've tried to reset the device by pressing down the button while inserting the battery but it didn't help.

Also, is there a way to clear the memory on MetaBase of all devices used in the past?  I couldn't find in MetaWear the option to clear the memory that was mentioned in another post.  

I have a few devices stuck (can't download data) so I've reinstalled MetaBase and now I cannot see the devices that are logging, which means I cannot try again to download the data.  How can this be fixed?



  • What was the error message that you were getting on the iOS device?  On your Android device, what does Logcat display if the download fails?

    Reinstalling the app will removed all cached data.

    You can either create your own app to retrieve the data or try to configure the boards for logging again, then immediately start a log download.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for
    the response. On iOS I get the following error message: "Some devices
    failed to download, try those again later. Unexpected Error - Could not load
    device configuration, please try again".

    I've just
    returned from 8 days in the field trying to log data with 7 MetaMotionC (on
    tortoises) and I had numerous challenges. I am using two iOS machines (iPhone
    and iPad).This was the main problem and it happened frequently, and often when
    one device failed I was not able to download from the other devices on the same
    machine. I did try to download later but without any success. The only way to
    solve this was to reinstall the app at the end of the day and start all over
    again, which meant I lost the data for previous day. 



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