iOS version

Hi, I'm
using two iOS machines to log 7 MetaMotionC. I had more problems downloading
data with my iPad than iPhone. On the iPad I had more error messages during
download saying it could not load device configuration, and when logging it
kept telling me that Bluetooth was not on when it was. The only difference I
can think of between the two machines is that I updated the iPad to the latest
iOS version whereas the iPhone is still on the previous version. Could this be
the reason? Thanks, Raquel


  • Which iPad and iPhone models are you using and what iOS versions are they running?
  • iPad Mini 2 ME280KS/A, iOS 11.0.3
    iPhone 5S, iOS 10.3.3
  • We just released a new version which removed the need for us to store the "device configuration".  Please delete the MetaBase app from you iOS devices and download the latest version from the AppStore.
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