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I'm using MetaBase on iOS to log and download from 7 MetaMotionC in the field. I usually log for 3 to 6 hours (the maximum at the frequencies I'm logging), download the data and then log again. 

I've had constant problems downloading and have lost a lot of data -- I keep getting the error message  "Some devices failed to download, try those again later. Unexpected Error - Could not load device configuration, please try again". 

I am going again to the field in 2 days and would appreciate some advice on how I can make things go smoother. Is there something I can do to avoid the constant error messages?  Is there any way to download the data despite the error message?  I have all 7 devices stuck with the last 6 hours of data.  Any tips would be appreciated.



  • What sensors are you using during the logging sessions and how fast are you sampling them?
  • MetaMotionC, logging accelerometer at 12.5Hz, Magnetometer at 10Hz and Temperature at 1min for periods of 4 to 6 hours. Using one iOS machine to log/download 4 devices and another iOS machine for the other 3 devices. Both machines currently giving error for al devices. In the field it worked half of the times, the other half gave the same error - I cannot see any pattern though. Thanks for the help.
  • We just released a new version which removed the need for us to store the "device configuration".  Please delete the MetaBase app from you iOS devices and download the latest version from the AppStore.
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    Thanks will do. So I assume there's nothing I can do about the 7 devices currently giving error and I will have to lose those data?
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    Try using the new MetaBase app to download data from those boards.
  • Unfortunately I tried that but no luck.
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    If you must retain the data on those boards, here are your options:

    1. Wait for the MetaBase app to be updated to support downloading data from boards that were setup using the previous version.  This can take several days before the update is live on the Apple store (Google Play will be faster)
    2. Write your own app to configure the board as required for MetaBase to view it as actively recording
    3. Write your own app to download the data
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