What's the API command to change the name the CPRO advertises itself with?

What is the API command to call if I want to change the name the CPRO advertises from "Metawear" to something else? What is the maximum length the replacement can be? Is this written to the CPRO in a way that will survive power loss (i.e. a battery change) or firmware upgrade?


  • Which platform / SDK are you using?
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    Windows/C++. But wouldn't the maximum length and survivability be dictated by the firmware?
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    Yes but my response will not help you if I point you to documentation for the wrong SDK.

    Call mbl_mw_settings_set_device_name, use the Macro functions to make it permanent.  You will need to reprogram the macro after a firmware update.

  • Thanks Eric. I'll have to take a look at the Macro functions. I have an additional question, I am using a rechargeable battery that will die if it drains below a minimum voltage. This can happen quickly if the sensors are left active or even if the bluetooth advertisments drain the battery over a longer period of time.

    Can the Macro functions be used to put the device to sleep (all sensors off and no bluetooth comms) if the battery drops below a certain voltage, and can they then be used to wake the device once the battery comes above a cetain level? Alternatively, can the Macro functions be used to put it to sleep even if it has to be awakened through some mechanical action like shaking or a button press?
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  • Thanks Eric, the Macro worked a treat!
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