data transmit rate for sensor fusion

As I saw in documentation for android, For sensor fusion in NDoF Accelerometer is set at 100Hz ,GyroMeter is set at 100Hz, Magnetometer is set at 25 Hz. Now I want to know when using sensor fusion at what frequency the data is broadcasted to device? 


  • Thanks Eric,
    And what if I try getting data of Accelerometer + Gyrometer + Sensor fusion, at the same time.
    are we still going to get data at 100Hz, for all 3 sensor data.
    Can you explain further in what manner?
    is there be any loss of data if we try to get data from above 3 sensor simultaneously? 
  • You won't be able to stream all of the at 100hz.  You can either reduce the streaming frequency or do a combined streaming/logging setup.

    Why do you need both raw IMU and fused data?
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