Sensor not Recognized in Android Metabase App

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I am trying to use a metawear streaming sensor ( with the Metabase app on an Android Moto E4 phone. When I open the app and try to start streaming, the sensor does not show up.

I added the Metabase app on a phone with iOS, and the sensor shows up there, so this is not a sensor problem. I made sure that Bluetooth was enabled on the phone and that the bluetooth version was sufficient (it's 4.1). Additionally, when I go to the bluetooth screen on the Android phone, an entry called "Metawear" does appear. However, when I tap it a message pops up saying "Pairing rejected by Metawear". 

Any idea why the sensor is not seen by Metabase?

Update: I just downloaded the windows version of MetaBase on a surface pro 3, and the sensor does not show up on there either, just like on Android. It only seems to show up and work properly on my iPhone.


  • Try using the nRF Connect app to scan for and connect to the boards.

    It could be the Android device you have does not properly implement the Bluetooth LE stack.  We've never had good BLE experiences with the Moto devices.  

    The Windows store app description tells you how to connect to the devices with MetaBase Win10 app.
  • Thanks for the reply, Eric. 

    When scanning with the nRF Connect app, I was able to connect to the board with the Android phone. However, the board still did not show up in the Metabase app. 

    Thanks for the tip about the Windows store app description. I was able to connect to and stream from the board on my surface. As a side question, why don't they include those instruction in the app itself, instead of just in the app description in the store?
  • Interesting...what Android OS is your device running?  I'm not entirely sure what could be the problem as the app works the devices in the office and in our virtualized Android x86 machines.  Since the iOS version is working, stick with that one for now.

    Pairing your BT device with your Windows machine before using it is standard procedure in Windows 10.
  • The phone is running Android 7.1.1 (Nougat).
  • My primary Android dev device is a Nexus 6 that also runs 7.1.1 and it doesn't have any scanning issues.  Given that the nRF Connect app is working, its possible you did not allow location permissions for the MetaBase app.  Double check the app permissions.
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