MetaWear app battery reporting

I have noticed some issues with the battery level shown in the MetaWear app:

For my MetaMotionR+ sensors the battery is constantly being reported as 99.
For my MetaTracker sensors, some don't seem to lose any charge (even gain 1%) even after 3h of sampling / streaming through the MetaWear app while others do.

In general what kinds of battery life should I expect with these sensors as I am having trouble experimenting due to above issues.


  • See the below post:

    In general, battery life can be on the order of weeks to months depending on your use case i.e. streaming IMU data vs. polling environmental data every 30 min.
  • Which sensor are you referring to for those estimates? For streaming IMU data, would that be weeks of constant sampling + streaming?
  • IMU data means accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer data.  Those sensors consume the most current and are sampled at higher frequencies than other sensors.

    No, if you are constantly sampling, the LiPo battery powering the MetaMotion R boards will probably be drained in an few days though this is just a guess.  The bigger CR2450 batteries powering the MetaTracker boards should get you about 1.5 weeks though you can also attach a bigger LiPo battery to the MetaMotion R boards.  

    You will need to conduct your own experiments to determine the actual battery life of your use case, again, see the thread linked in my previous post.
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