Metahealth device, still not available?

Hello, we are developing a health project in Spain in collaboration with the University of Madrid and some Public Hospitals, in which we help epileptic patients to control and prevent their episodes.

We need a device with different sensors such as body temperature, movement, heart rate and galvanic skin sensor. We know the Metahealth device but we can not find more information or buy on the web. Still not available?

Thanks in advance



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    Hi Federico,

    The MetaHealth has been delayed until we receive further funding to finish the R&D and manufacturing. 

    The MetaHealth release date is TBD (potential: late 2018 - mid 2019).

    We will email you when the device is finally available.

    If you have funding to help us develop the MetaHealth or if you want to develop a custom device using our services, please contact us directly.

  • Thanks, Laura! We sent several contacts through the contact page but nobody answered us ... Can you send me an email to We are very interested in a custom device ...

  • I did not see any messages from the contact form containing your email address within the past 24 hours.  Just in case, you can email 'hello at mbientlab dot com' as well.

    Please make sure your message clearly states that you are looking for a custom MetaHealth solution and provides a cursory description of the customizations you are looking for.
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