MetaTracker safe temperature

What would be a safe environment (temperature wise, and other variables) to keep the tracker from taking damage?


  • Unless you are sending it to the bottom of the ocean or tossing it into a volcano, the board should be fine.  The temperature sensor ranges from -40C to 85C and the board itself sits inside an IP54 plastic case.
  • So would it be safe to let it monitor a machine that can get as hot as 100C? 120? 150? 200?
  • Just to put it in context, we have industrial machine, which the newer versions have their own built-in monitoring system. For older models, we are trying to make a tracker work as a remote monitoring tool, and be notified whenever a machine gets too hot for example.
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    For that specific use case, you would need different materials for the casing and the temperature sensor would need to be swapped for one with a higher range.  If you're going over 150C, you would also need to factor in solder's melting point.

    Basically, you would need a customized design for those temperature ranges.  You can contact MbientLab directly for a quote regarding those temperature metrics.

  • Alright, Thanks!
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