Possible to program through USB

My phone is running 4.1.2, not sure when I'll be able to update it to 4.3+.

Is it possible to program MetaWear through USB? I could still get a lot done that way. Is there a link to a tutorial?



  • prototypist,

    USB is for power only, there are no jtag (programming) pins that are routed from usb to the mcu so it is not possible to program the MetaWear that way.

    What are you looking to build specifically that you can't do with the API? Normally there should be no need to program the device natively.

    Make sure 4.1.2 supports BLE or it will not be possible to interact with MetaWear using your current Android device.
  • Hi Laura,
               Thanks for replying. Using the API : does that mean writing an Android app? I searched on the Play Store for metawear and mbientlab but didn't get anything.

    Is there a hello-world tutorial on this?

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    We have an App on all the stores to get your started and there is tons of open source code on Github. Everything you need to get started is here:
    And yes you need to write an Android App. We don't teach how to write Apps but you can just google for it and there are plenty of amazing sources and tutorials to get started (our users are expected to write their own apps at minimum or hire someone to do so).
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