Range of MetawearC

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Android os version 7.1.1, One plus, firmware revison 1.2.6,  hardware revision 0.3
The metawear app gets disconnected or stops sending data after 10 meters, what is the maximum range of MetawearC.
I suspect this is happening after firmware revision, because earlier i could easily get data from a distance of more than 25mts.
I have tested with multiple devices and android operating systems.
If i test with near by, it never disconnects and data continuous to stream data.
what can you suggest to solve this issue?


  • You should be able to stream and maintain connection at 30 meters.  

    If you were getting better performance with other firmware builds, then revert to the version that works best for you.  You can also try increasing the radio's tx power.
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    i am getting this error after a distance, and get disconnected
    com.mbientlab.metawear.app E/CheckPermission: _bluetooth code = 10

    what does this mean?
  • I am not sure what that error means. The message seems like it's a permission error though you would probably be better asking this on an Android specific forum.
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