mac adress

I would like to get the mac address of the device, I used the following method: [[device.settings.macAddress readAsync] success:^(MBLStringData * _Nonnull result). the address obtained does not correspond to that indicated on the device: the starting part is missing and 01 is added at the end. Do you have any suggestions?


  • What is the value returned from reading the macAddress property and what is the value on the device?

  • the value return is 11:F0:5B:CC:22:01, the label on devices is FD:11:F0:5B:CC:22

  • My guess is that the label was incorrectly cut or printed given that its string is shifted byte 1 byte. You can check this by doing a BLE scan with an Android device to see which MAC address is being advertised.

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