Timeout when connecting to MetaBase app

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Hi everyone!

I picked up a MetaWear C back in 2015 from the Kickstarter campaign and back then demo'd it working without issue with the demo iOS app. I then started playing with the Objective-C library but never finished my project.

I've just picked it back up and getting up and running with it. I've got the current MetaBase iOS app but am struggling to connect to the MetaWear C. Using the 'diagnostic' section of the app, the MetaWear shows in the list but when I hit connect, it times out (see attached screenshots). I get same behaviour trying to pair using the other sections of the app too.

I figured it might be due to the age of the firmware but am not sure how to flash it without pairing using the app.

I haven't tried using the Swift SDK yet but figured if I'm not able to pair using the demo app there may be an issue with the MetaWear C that I should resolve first.

Any thoughts on how I could triage or resolve the issue gratefully received!

Many thanks in advance.


  • What firmware was your board last running when you put your project on hold? Did you ever update the firmware since receiving the board?

    This is most likely a case of the firmware being 2 years out of date. Try forcing the board into bootloader mode by holding down the button then inserting the battery. Connect to the device advertising as "MetaBoot" in the diagnostic page to update to the latest firmware.

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