My MetaMotionR+ is Unable to Stream or Log

Hi All,

First time posting to this forum and a beginner when it comes to the Metamotion.

I've recently purchased multiple units and have been streaming and logging successfully using the MetaBase Android App (v2.1.11) on my Samsung S8, Android 8.0.

When using MetaBase, There is one particular sensor which is not displayed on the stream/logging screen; however, it does more than occasionally show up on the download screen with a red coloured circle to the left of the device name. Through the download screen, I am able to connect to the sensor and click 'DOWNLOAD'. I'm then presented with 'Download completed! Press to share'. When I click on the presented options, I get one of the following message: 'No data to sync to MetaCloud' or 'No files to send'.

Any idea how I can revive my sensor?



  • Use the diagnostic page to reset the board. Failing that, reflash the firmware on the diagnostic page.

  • Thank you Eric.
    Reset the board worked.

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