IOS New Update - Meta Boot mode, Sleep sample frequency

I have reviewed new updated IOS sample app, and i have few queries as below 

1. what is the use of meta boot mode to initiate BLE connection?
2. how reflect sleep sample frequency values in auto sleep mode?
3. did you have any predefined functions for free-fall detection? if yes, is it able to recording in log (without connectivity) ?


  • 1. MetaBoot is for debug purposes only. Any time you reset or do a firmware update of your MetaWear board it goes into the MetaBoot state for 30 seconds.
    2. The accelerometer does not sample while it auto-sleeps.
    3. Yes, check out the projects page. We can add freefall detection into the logger if that is a request you would like to make. You will have to make this in the Requests and Bug Reports category so it goes to the proper engineer. 
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