Recording temperature data problem (MetaBase app).

I have a problem with my MetaMotion R+ because it is not possible to log temperature data into the device. I use MetaBase application and I can configure the devices to store data in the IMU, but his message appears when I try to download the results "Error. Failed to sync the logging state for 'MetaWear…'. Make sure they are charged and near your Win 10 device.". However, battery is over 95% and that error only appears when I try to download logged temperature data (not when I use any other sensor without thermistor nor when I record data in streaming including temperature). Is there a problem with the application? Is there anything that I can do?

Thank you!


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    Which platform are you using MetaBase on?

  • I'm using the MetaBase downloaded from Microsoft Store in my Windows 10 Pro Education laptop and also in another Windows 10 laptop.

  • Yeah, that was a bug with the app. An app updated has been submitted to the Microsoft Store so the fix should be available within 1-2 days.

  • Ok. Thank you!

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