Metamotion in Metaboot mode


2 weeks ago that I have the same problem with the MetamotionR.

My telephone recognizes it like Metaboot but the application Metabase doesn’t recognize it, so I can’t do the firmware upload. That is ok, it’s normal, how can I do please ?.

The three devices are r0.3. If I see the connection with the nRF Connect, I read :

            Hardware Revision String 
            UUID: 0X2A25
            Properties: READ
            Value: 0.3

Firmware Revision String
UUID: 0X2A26
Properties: READ
Value: 0.2.1

Thank you very much,


  • Which MetaMotion board are you using?

  • MetamotionR Board

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    Use the nRF Connect app to upload this firmware image:

    Edit: Removed link, previous link is compatible with firmware v1.4.1

  • It's ok, it works now, thank you very much.

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