Catastrophic Failure when trying to connect to sensor since upgrading to 1.4.1, Warble/Windows

@Eric @abcd

I know we're trying to solve the Unity support issue in the C# thread, but this is equally worrying. I tried again today and there is no way to connect to the sensor using Warble period. I still get a catastrophic error since upgrading to 1.4.1.

And from the looks of it the same thing is happening to @abcd as well. Any idea what's going on?

When connecting through Unity, the error is slightly different ("Attribute can not be written")


  • OK... after digging through the other threads in the windows category, I found the "do not pair your device in Windows 10" nugget of information. After unpairing the sensor, Warble connects fine, both from the command line and through Unity. I'll let @abcd know as well. So you can ignore this thread and focus on the Unity freeze/PPL issue.


    PS: Weird that this wasn't an issue before 1.4.1.

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