Logging not stoping/JS SDK


I use JS SDK to program the MetaWear device. After I use the MetaWear app upgrade the firm wear to the newest. Every time I use the logging code example, it never stops logging(kept going logging data until I control C stopped it and reboot the firmware)

Do you know what happens?


  • How far does the script progress before it stalls?

  • https://github.com/mbientlab/MetaWear-SDK-JavaScript/blob/master/examples/logging.js

    this is the exact code I used, it worked before but now it doesn't stop.

    What happens is it will wait for 10 secs, and then start logging every 1 ms, and never stops. and I have to do control C to exit and use the app reboot the firmware.

  • for some reason it prints: received_progress_update entriesLeft:48132 totalEntries:53481

  • You'll need to provide some debugging information to illustrate what is happening in the script.

    Yes, that is printed from the download progress handler so it looks like a download has been started.

    Also, what is your board model, hardware revision, and firmware revision?

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