Metaware R+ battery

Hello ,
I would like to know if the battery of Metaware R+ support a current greater than 2 A , there is any current regulator in the battery


  • Hello Abdel,

    The maximum continuous discharge rate for the battery is 1C, which translates to about 110 mA. Higher current draw is not recommended due to self heating. The battery protection (PCM) circuit will cut off the battery around 2 to 5 A, to protect against shorting. The regulator on the 3V rail is current limited to approximately 300 mA.

    A larger lithium rechargeable battery can be attached if you need more current.

    Cheers, Matt

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    the issue that i am currently facing is about the maximal permessible current which charge the battery correctly....i have 17 sensors that i would charge theme simultaneously , and with the devision of the current ,the battery of one sensor can undergo a higher current if we disconnect some sensors from the circuit

  • Add current limiting diodes to your circuit, or don't connect 17 boards in parallel to the same power source.

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