Sena Parani-UD100 and BlueSoleil

Hey guys!

After a discussion from an employee from mbientlad, I've bought a Sena Parani-UD100 (Bluetooth USB dongle) to connect my MetaMotionC to my PC. The dongle uses the BlueSoleil Bluetooth software.

I've installed BlueSoleil on my machine with no problem (windows 10). However, my device was not in the device list. That's when I discovered a menu for Bluetooth 4.0. From there I clicked on a button called Add a Device. I can see the Bluetooth address of my MetaMotionC in the list but when I click on it to add it, nothing happens.

Does anybody have experience with any of those two components (UD100 or BlueSoleil)?



  • We haven't had any issues using the dongle on Linux.

    Use the MetaBase app to test your board, not 3rd party Bluetooth software that may or may not properly work.

  • Thanks Eric,

    However, MetaBase crashes when BlueSoleil is installed on my PC.

  • What if you uninstall BlueSoleil?

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    MetaBase works as expected, but this dongle only works with BlueSoleil

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    You previously said that MetaBase works without BlueSoleil. We're you using another adapter to test? If not, then I'm confused as to why you then stated the adapter in question only works with BlueSoleil.

  • Sorry I wasn't clear!

    Yes I have two dongles. I've bought a Sena Parani-UD100 because the one we already have doesn't have a lot of reach and we easily lose the signal with our MetaMotionC.

    I've installed BlueSoleil to try the Sena dongle, but, for whatever reason, couldn't connect to my device. Also, if I try to open MetaBase, it crashes.

    If I remove the Sena dongle and use the one I already have, MetaBase will still crash until I uninstall BlueSoleil.

  • Use the generic Windows 10 BT drivers then.

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