strange behaviour and reduced RSSI in new MetamotionR device

We have a MetamotionR, (serial number 0325B9) purchased in May 2018, which works reliably with our C# code (based on the StarterApp). We recently purchased an additional sensor (01FBFE), which only connects approximately one time in 5, and is only even seen by the app when a USB cable is attached. Both devices are on 1.4.4 firmware.

Both devices reliably connect to the MetaBase app on iOS, but the RSSIs for identical separations are consistently between 10 and 20 dB lower for the new device.

It seems to be a hardware fault rather than an issue with our software - do we have a device with a faulty Antenna?


  • Regarding the faulty board, does it show up on any device if it is not attached to the USB cable? You can also increase the tx power to 4dbm.

    It is possible the antenna is faulty. If the increased tx power doesn't improve the performance, fill out an RMA form if shipped within the last 30 days.

  • @Ben,
    You can fill out an RMA if you need to (I think you might already have) :)

  • Laura,

    Thanks - my colleague already did.


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