Problem with importing module in example scan_connect for the windows tutorial.

Hey. I'm currently trying to run the example.
I get the error message: ImportError: No module named six.

So I figured out it had to do with that the PATH.
Basically the file is located in c:\Python27amd64\Scripts\MetaWear-SDK-Python and the module is located in c:\Python27amd64\Lib\Site-Packages.
I tried changing the directory to Python27amd64 then use the set PYTHONPATH=. so it would search all the different maps for the modules. This didn't solve the issue.

Can anyone help me solve this issue?



  • Import the missing module with pip

  • You need to install this:
    to install run: >>> pip install six
    If you don't know what pip is, then please google for pip install

  • Thank you for your replies!
    I added a line of code that made it search manually in the map I knew the module was in, which worked out in the end.
    I now stumbled on a new problem with the script. I'm not sure if I should start a new discussion for this, but I'll post my issue here for now, sorry!

    So I am trying to run the and I get the error:
    "File "", line 3, in
    from mbientlab.metawear import MetaWear, libmetawear, parse_value, create_voidp, create_voidp_int
    ImportError: cannot import name create_voidp"

    I am not sure how I should resolve this issue. I can't find the script containing create_voidp.
    Again thanks for taking your time helping me out!

  • Put separate issues in their own thread

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