Subscribe to quaternion notifications @100Hz

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I am trying subscribe to quaternion (ndof) notifications using pygatt library. Is there any reference or documentation on which gatt handles I should configure.
I need to go through pygatt and dont use the python API by mbientlab, because I need to connect with another device (POLAR) with the same adapter.

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  • Mbientlab only supports using the official SDKs. You can look through the source code and use the SDKs to generate the commands you want, or switch to the Python SDK and use the BLE library it uses (pywarble).

  • Dear Eric,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.
    OK, I understand. The probelm that I am facing now is that I can not use the API, most probably because I use a BLE usb dongle( BLED112). This device doesnt appear in the gatttool. Is there a way to use the API with this dongle.



  • That sounds like an issue with your BLE dongle. Ask the manufacturer if it's Linux compatible, and if it is, what steps need to be taken for gatttool compatibility.

    Most USB dongles work out of the box.

  • Actually, the dongle works perfectly. The problem is that it is casted as a serial port and not as a BT device in linux. I can use it to communicate with other ble devices, but when it comes to metaware, I can not establish a connection.

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    In that case you will need to connect the adapter's serial port com protocol with the BLE functionality required by the Python SDK.

    Or, as previously suggested, use the SDK to generate the commands you want.

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