MetamotionR r0.3 r0.1 current consumption with BLE and logging for Gyro,Accelerometer, Temp

Hi Mbient labs community,

I was hoping to get some information on current draw for both the old and current MetamotionR (r0.1 r0.3)

it will be streaming Gyro,Accelerometer and Temp at maximum frequency.

I have a multimeter at home I tested it open circuit but the multimeter was unable to pass current that allowed the circuit to function.



    • What settings are you using for the multimeter?
    • What multimeter are you using?
    • How are you connecting it to the board?
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    All you need to do is look up the datasheet for each sensor and see how much current they draw in different modes.
    Keep in mind the sensors are not on for much time but will probably draw around 2.5mA when active and then a couple of uA while sleeping/standing-by.

    Datasheets are available on the product pages, the document pages, and the store pages.

  • Hi Laura and Eric,

    Thanks so much for your fast responses. I thought I would get e-mailed when posts came through.

    It turned out to be an error on my side. I'm an intern 3rd year engineering student, and was using a hobbyist DMM. The company bought a Fluke 87V and it's now working well.

    For anyone curious I measured averages, and got 0.44mA when idling and no bluetooth connection.

    And 3.3mA for streaming (24 hr test)
    Accelerometer on 16gs 200hz
    Gyro 100hz 250dps
    Magnetometer 20hz
    Temperature every 1 minute.

  • @Hiro
    Thank you for the information!

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