Change data collection to collect every 5 seconds

edited February 2019 in Android

BarometerBosch baroBosch = metawear.getModule(BarometerBosch.class);


                baroBosch.pressure().addRouteAsync(source ->
               (data, env) ->
                            Log.i("Barometer", "Pressure (Pa) = " + data.value(Float.class));

                        })).continueWith((Continuation<Route, Void>) task -> {
                    return null;


How can I make the program collect pressure data every 5 seconds?

Figured it out. I used the standby time and put 3000. I didn't realize it was in ms


  • @c625v12,

    Nice job. You can use built in functions like our timers and accumulator to down-sample any sensor reading.

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