Struggling to install metawear (Get this error on Windows 10 & Ubuntu)

I get the above error when installing running "pip3 install metawear"


  • Post the full install log, not just a partial screenshot.

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    Your log say that you are out of virtual memory. Lines 102 - 103:

      cc1plus: out of memory allocating 262144 bytes after a total of 3624960 bytes
      virtual memory exhausted: Cannot allocate memory
  • Don't worry eventually hacked together a working version

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    Been struggling with the same error and realised that one has to follow the python2 tutorial first, before looking at python3 ;)

    Perhaps a suggestion to the dev team would be to update the python3 docs to the same detail as the python2 docs. There will be a lot of replicated material, but it makes it a lot easier for the reader as they don't need to keep switching back and forth

  • Please follow my tutorial step by step for how to install metawear properly in Linux:

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