Metawear acting as an iBeacon

Hi ! I am trying to set up MetaWear as an ibeacon and it doesn't work. 
I have already disconnected MetaWear from the app but Estimote aplication doesn't detect it yet

Any idea? Thank you!


  • It is possible the IBeacon portion of the app has been removed.  Radius Networks also had an IBeacon app on Android but had to pull it from the store because Apple was cracking down on IBeacon Android apps.

  • gerardsgs,
    Also try searching for the beacon UUID in reverse byte order.
    Do you have a general sniffer you could use instead of a beacon App?
  • Yes I have try it with a general sniffer 
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    Let me know how it goes, if it's an issue or bug we will fix it in the next firmware release.
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