Metabase app in Window10 and Samsung galaxy s8+ does not work

Currently, I am trying to collect data from MMC.

I grouped two MMC and tried logging, accelerometer (50Hz) gyroscope(50Hz).

Few seconds after the app got crashed (Window10) and from then I was not able to open the metabase app.

I can open it but within a few seconds, it crashes and I am not able to stop the logging.

And in my Android Samsung galaxy s8+ phone, it does not pick up the sensors, I have Bluetooth on, but it does not pick up our sensors.

Would you please help us, why it does not pick up the MMC and
why it crashes when I use Window 10 Metabase app version,


  • We do not support the MetaBase App on Windows tablets or phones, only computers.

    Did you try the Android App, iOS App, or the Windows App on a full machine instead?

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