Android API (v1.6.21) and App (v2.5.9) Update [2015-03-18]

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Updates to API v1.6.0 and App v2.5 have been released.  The updates addresses several bugs in the previous releases and migrates the code to Android Studio 1.1.0


Version 1.6.21 fixes some bugs with v1.6.0 and addresses some compatibility issues with Android 5.0.1 (SDK 21).  Full API release notes:


App v2.5.9 migrates the code to Android Studio and make some bug fixes and changes to the logging and accelerometer panels.  It also uses MetaWear library v1.6.21 and GraphView v4.0.0.  The app store has just been updated with the new APK, and will take a few hours before going live.  Signed APK and an Android Studio version of the project are available for download, link in the release notes:


  • Hi Eric,

    could you release the jar as well?

    Thanks again for your work!!
  • The library is now distributed as an AAR file and published on our Ivy Repo.
  • I see... that's not an easy solution for eclipse users.

    Are you going to drop eclipse support?

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    I just installed android studio and setup the android-sdk. I then downloaded your new release, but when opening the project with android-studio I get the following error (from the file build.gradle) :
    Error:(1, 0) Plugin with id '' not found.

    I find this rather strange, and I think I have all the right sdk stuff installed (from MetaWear Android Tutorial - Getting started with Metawear API using Android Studio - YouTube) allthough this tutorial seems outdated. It seems I have to add something in the Project Structure->Project settings (where Android Plugin Repository and Default Library Repository are empty...

    when I download the SOS app all works flawlessly, I think I'll use that as a basic example then to work of.
  • Hi tomzooi,

    happy to know it was not only me..

    I got exactly the same error trying to configure metawear api v. 1.6.21 as an android studio project.

    How did you manage to remove that error?
  • Thanks tomzooi,

    I did the same: started from scratch using SOS app.
  • We are no longer developing on Eclipse as Android Studio is the official IDE.  The code will compile in Eclipse provided you have the correct Android SDK (SDK 21 as of right now) but you will need to build the source yourself if you wish to continue using Eclipse.  
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