My I2C device requires 4 connections (SCL, SDA, INT, and
ADDR_SEL), but the metawear board has 2 pins (pins 5 & 6) for I2C
connections.  What do I connect INT and ADDR_SEL to on the metawear board?


  • siddrajput,

    With the ADDR_SEL pin you can just tie it low or high depending on what you want the address of your sensor I2C device to be (It doesn't have to go to a MetaWear pin). You should read the manual for the device you are using but it will look something like this:
    ADDR_SEL -> LOW -> then address is 0x50
    ADDR_SEL -> HIGH -> then address is 0x51

    For the INT you can tie it to one of the GPIO pins on the MetaWear board and use the GPIO "pin change" feature to get notifications on interrupts.

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