Selective log download

We have implemented data signal logging and download into our application, and noticed that the SDK only allows downloading all of the data from the sensor at once. There is no way to tell the sensor to download only part of the data, say, in a specific time frame. (This is secondary, but there is also no way to download data for only one logger.)

This is an issue because of the download time. We have a use case where the user can create a lot of short captures in a row, and selectively download some of them, while discarding the rest. (Thus saving download time.)
We are aware of the on-sensor capabilities, allowing us, in some use cases, to filter the data that gets logged in the first place, thus avoiding this issue. It's not applicable for this specific use case though, because it depends on the user's decision on which part of the data to download and which part to discard.

So our question is: is there support for selective download of logged data that we missed? If not, is there a time frame for its introduction?


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    This is a hardware limitation that is unlikely to be lifted any time soon. Due to the complexities of non-volatile memory and in an effort to maximize log space and performance while minimizing power usage, we must always read, write, and erase sequentially.

    You would need your user to make the decision up front about what data needs to be logged, so as to minimize the amount of unnecessary data being downloaded.

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