Disabling Advertising.

is there a way to disable the metawearboard so that it does not broadcast? A concern is that anybody can connect to them, and when another device is connected to it, our device cannot.


  • If the metawear doesn't advertise then it cannot be connected to. Bluetooth devices have to advertise in order to be connectable. No ad = no connect. This wouldn't make any sense as our users would think the metawear would be broken.

  • Ok then, how can i lock down the device so no one can connect to it except my application.

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    That's not really how Bluetooth works. It has to be always connectable. You can obfuscate the protocol. No one should really know it's a MetaWear and use the metawear APIs unless you tell them or they are a hacker.
    Changing the device name helps a lot.

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