Unity3d DLL issues

Okay, to start with, I have finally gotten the trio of DLL systems to stop complaining about versions, and load into Unity as a plugin set.

This includes:


As of now, the problem I have is Warble:

System.DllNotFoundException: warble
at (wrapper managed-to-native) MbientLab.Warble.Bindings.warble_gatt_create_with_options(int,MbientLab.Warble.Bindings/Option[])
at MbientLab.Warble.Gatt..ctor (System.String mac, System.String hci, System.String addrType) [0x00090] in C:\Users\fooli\Downloads\Warble.NET-master\Warble.NetStandard\Gatt.cs:48
at MbientLab.MetaWear.NetStandard.BluetoothLeGatt..ctor (System.String mac, System.String hci) [0x00006] in C:\Users\fooli\Downloads\MetaWear-SDK-CSharp-Plugin-NetStandard-master\MetaWear.NetStandard\BluetoothLeGatt.cs:16
at MbientLab.MetaWear.NetStandard.Application.GetMetaWearBoard (System.String mac, System.String hci) [0x00016] in C:\Users\fooli\Downloads\MetaWear-SDK-CSharp-Plugin-NetStandard-master\MetaWear.NetStandard\Application.cs:56
at MbientLab_Bridge+d__1.MoveNext () [0x00026] in C:\Users\fooli\Unity Projects\mbientlab\Assets\Plugins\MbientLab\MbientLab_Bridge.cs:22
d__1:MoveNext() (at Assets/Plugins/MbientLab/MbientLab_Bridge.cs:35)

I'm assuming something did not compile properly with Warble? Or is something else missing I'm not understanding.
I normally do not compile DLL sets like this, so I'm a bit out of my element.

The above error is caused by the runtime line:

        metawear = MbientLab.MetaWear.NetStandard.Application.GetMetaWearBoard("C2:BD:D8:B2:EF:35");

Anyone want to tell me why this is a simple issue, and I'm an idiot for not understanding the solution?


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    please look at this thread we opened .
    The bottom line is that unity is not supported because of some threading issues with native C++ in windows

  • Yeah, I've been seeing that.

    Got way past the initial issues, and ran head-first into the crash from trying to have more than one mbientlab device InitializeAsync()...

    Works in the editor, but the compiled app dies like a bugger on the second init.

    Now looking at an RPC server toolkit:

    May be useful, may not. Nothing to do but try it out.

    This has been a disappointing project, so far, and I'm only on my third day.

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