Temp problem

Metawear app says my board temperature is always over 70 degree celsius. Or 180 or so fahrenheit.
Do i have faulty board?


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    I don't think your board is faulty. Your are seeing this because the board is using the internal temperature sensor of the MCU which is likely just running hot since Bluetooth is on. 
    If you want really accurate temperature try using this thermistor: http://projects.mbientlab.com/metawear-and-thermistor/
    You can get these thermistor on digi-key, they are extremely nice, or PM me and I will check if I have any around my desk that I can send you.
    The cool thing about this thermistor is that we also wrote code to translate the analog value into a really accurate temperature value in our API.
  • One more thing, our next boards (like the MetaSensors and MetaWearR+gyro) will have a really accurate thermistor built in to them and won't use the internal less accurate sensor.
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