External gps

Hi, I need to attach external GPS sensor to MMC. I was looking at OriginGPS range https://origingps.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/GNSS-Brochure.pdf

Could you advise which models would be compatible or point me towards a different provider?


  • Just make sure its voltage compliant with the MMC. It likely won't run on the coin cell of the MMC as it can only deliver 20mA of current. You would need to run it off the MMR which has a lipo battery that can deliver up to 1A of current.

  • Thank you. What are the size limitations for the sensor so that it fits into the MMR?

  • Anything you add will not longer fit in the MMR case (the MMR case is fairly snug); I suggest you make your own case. We have 3d models you can use in the documentation section of our website.

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