Read data from Metawear without Smartphone

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I was interested to see if anyone has been able to connect and read data from a Metawear without a smart phone or computer?
I've see Bluetooth stacks on Raspi and Beaglebone Black, but was curious if anyone has had luck with a stand-alone version.
But with the ability to read data from the Metawear.


  • We actually already use the raspi with the MetaWear often; just buy a BLE dongle and use open source BLE Raspi libraries and you are good to go!
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    Hi! That's awesome that you're using the Raspi with it. 

    I think a portion of my post got loped off somehow!

    I'm looking todo something Arduino based without the need for a Linux embedded device…
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    What are you trying to build exactly?
    PS: some links get marked as spam and are auto deleted.
  • I see, that's what's happening to my links!
    I'm looking to build a internet gateway that helps publish the data from BLE devices to the internet and make that data available to our web developers, not just native app devs.
    It's really more of an idea I'm vetting out to see if BLE is the best direction to go…
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