Is there an example code for 3 sensors into mobile app at the same time


I have 2 x MetamotionR sensors and I want them to go into my mobile app.

I have downloaded MetaBase 2.5 (Android - Google Play) and it doesnt seem to allow me to pick up more than 1 of these sensors, saying "Failed to Connect to Device, would you like to try again", if I only try and list a new device, let alone connect and start a "New Session"...

I have downloaded and installed the sample app from and it does not seem to allow more than 1.

Can I please have some assistance , like an example, or on the change in code base required, or code files that require to be updated.

Alternatively please let me know what I might have done wrong.

Cheers and thanks


  • Try this sample code:

    Metabase can handle multiple devices. Try connecting with to them with another ble app like nRF Connect.

  • We also have videos in our tutorials showing how to connect and group multiple sensors, check them out.

  • thank Team. :)

  • Hi Team,
    I have tried the
    I am getting stuck in the above deployed example app on my android 2Xl Pixel phone. I am unable to connect multiple at the same time.

    However, I am happy to pay $$ for you guys to develop this, like a month or two of dev... maybe with Eric just going nuts. :smile:

    I need to connect up to 8 sensors at least directly into 1 phone. So I envisage that I jump between connected mlab sensors in increments and possibly with delays. So 1 device every 100ms or so.

    Is this something I could pay you to develop or am I missing something from your example app.

    My apologies, I have not looked at all you tute videos as yet, but I have not seen something that addresses this.

    ps - I am sorry, I know you have a hub, but I dont want to use it. I want straight into the phone...

    thanks in advance.

  • hey @UtahN,
    Thanks for the offer, you can go here:
    You don't have to use the hub, you can use the phone, but the phone has limitations like # of sensors connected and bluetooth speed. You can research what the Android Pixel Phone capabilities are.

  • Done, Ill apply thanks.

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