Bad State After Haptic Feedback

In my app, I stream quaternion values via SensorFusion from the board and trigger haptic feedback on the boards when they rotate over a certain value. The users decide when to start or end the session, I remove routes and perform a reconnection on the boards between each session.

My problem is sometimes during a session boards will stop giving haptic feedback (while they continue streaming without any issues), and if that happens, I can't reset or restart connection on the board, I can't get haptic feedback on new sessions, while still being able to stream values without an issue.

  • I said sometimes because despite being as identical as humanly possible with each session, I couldn't find an exact scenario when the issue appears, it doesn't happen in every session but it's not a very rare occurence either

  • If I comment out my startMotor() call there's absolutely no issue with restarts/resets

I call startMotor in the stream subscriber if the current data's angle is bigger than certain threshold value, is that a problem? What's the best practice for giving haptic feedback to the user for my case? Would appreciate any help or ideas, thanks!


  • It might be best to stop streaming, send the haptic vibration, and then start streaming again.

  • @Laura said:
    It might be best to stop streaming, send the haptic vibration, and then start streaming again.

    Since I have to do real time angle calculation and give the haptic feedback based on that, it's not really a feasible solution for my use case to pause streaming to vibrate, is there a particular reason streaming/haptic feedback don't go well with each other? Is there anything you could suggest to minimize the number of times we encounter the issue without pausing the stream?


  • I suggest re-routing the vibration coin motor power to the battery directly. The issue is that everything is currently going through the SOC and the power must dip too low and cause a reset when all the sensors, bluetooth, and coin vibration motor are on simultaneously.

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