Sensor Fusion Stream and Firmware Issues

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Hello, I'm currently working on an app that streams sensor fusion data from the MMR+ boards, my issue is that the streaming works on some of them but not on the others and since almost all of them are bought in different times and are on different firmware, I thought it's a firmware issue

The two that work are both on 1.4.5 firmware and 0.4 hardware version

Rest of them (the ones that the streaming doesn't work) are listed below, I wasn't able to update any of them with MetaBase Android App

It asks to update the firmware, but it fails all the time or the app crashes. It gives me the message -
Firmware update failed
(reason = No value for bootloader)

I am using a Galaxy S9, so Android, and I dont have an Iphone to try with IOS.

Here is the info for 5 of the 6 IMUs, because one of them not even connected, so I have no info on it.:

Firmware - Hardware

1.3.7 - 0.5
1.2.5 - 0.2
1.4.1 - 0.3
1.2.5 - 0.4
1.2.5 - 0.5


  • Delete the MetaBase App on the Android phone and install the latest MetaBase Android App on the App store
    use an iPhone.

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