issues with dropped data

I am collecting data (100Hz Accelerometer) on MMRs in a group of 5 in logging mode. Consistently, the data recorded on each IMU is of a different length (not saving equal number of data points), have different start times (perhaps a rolling start), the time between starting each IMU is not consistent, and the time between each sample is not consistent. Is this functioning as designed or is there a way to change settings to fix? We have seen these issues repeatedly and for over 15 different MMRs. Any help in resolving these issues is much appreciated. Thanks!


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    That's normal and it's how to real world works.

    When you collectively group MetaWears, your phone still communicates with each sensor, one at a time.

    • Connect sensor 1 - start logging at t
    • Disconnect sensor 1
    • Connect sensor 2 - start logging at t+x
    • Disconnect sensor 2
    • and so time passes....
    • Connect sensor 1 - download data at t + delta
    • Disconnect sensor 1
    • Connect sensor 2 - download data at t + x + y + delta
    • Disconnect sensor 2

    You then need to just get rid of any extra time stamps (the t+x and t+y of sensor 2 in my example).

    That's no big deal, you can do it with a small script or even manually with Excel.

    PS: Real life doesn't give you clean textbook data.

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