MetaWear CPro Firmware Update failure: 1.2.5 -> 1.3.6

I have an old CPro board that I'm trying to update to firmware 1.3.6 via the metabase app ( iOS and Android) but getting failures on both.
Model: CPro
Model number: 2
Firmware: 1.2.5
Hardware: 0.2

Error message on iOS:
Failed to connect to 'CPro'. Would you like to try again?
Operation failed: could not perform DFU. Firmware 1.3.6 requires bootloader version '0.2.1' which does not exist.


  • The CPRO can't update to that firmware version. It's too old of a model and we don't support it anymore.

  • Understandable. Although, why is the metabase app warning me that there's a firmware update?

  • We stopped supporting the CPRO so to be honest we just didn't put in any CPRO "protection" in the new MetaBase App and firmware.

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