Cancel a running download

I'd like to cancel a running download operation, leave the rest of the data on the sensor and free up the sensor for other usage, e.g. real time streaming of data. I don't see an obvious way to do that from the API documentation.
Can you advise on how to achieve this?


  • @kustra as presently implemented the API does not allow this. Presently it requests the full log length, and then starts a readout of that full length. The firmware and API protocol protects against lost data when the connection is interrupted, however I would certainly not recommend intentionally disrupting it.
    If you want to dig very deeply, the firmware is structured to allow a certain number of entries to be requested for a log readout. If you have the resources to modify and test the API, you could change the behavior to request a smaller chunk of the full log during each log download call. This would give you stopping points to decide whether you want to readout more of the log or switch to streaming, etc.

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