movement sigmentation

im searchin for a way to create sigmentation for the movement captured by my sensor,
i want to label every time interval.
anyone got an idea of how can i do this?


  • You would have to do this as a post-process with the API language of your choice:

  • Trying to do the same thing at the moment, have tried following things:

    1. online labelling tool for time series
    • only one label allowed (can be changed when downloading the code from github, to difficult for me at the moment)
    • milliseconds do not get depicted, ive opened an issue and they're working on it.
    1. matlab
    • plot your data
    • Use the brush to select data (e.g. one movement) and save it as a new variable
    • use the new variable to save a new label for the data you have selected

    • time consuming and prone to errors

    I'm also interested to see what other people have used and tried.
    Good luck!

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